Help Rising Stars, established in 2019, is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in Spain aiming to improve access and quality of education in sub-Saharan Africa. Our first project is described under the ON-GOING PROJECTS “Uganda initiative”.

Our Mission


  • Our mission is to organize initiatives to improve the access and quality of education for children in need in sub-Saharan Africa.

Help Rising Stars supports and promotes improved education in two ways:
– by supporting and implementing training programs for teachers.
– by improving the learning environment for the children, either by supporting the construction of new schools or by improving the conditions of already existing schools and its environment.

Help Rising Stars will direct its actions to geographical areas lacking acceptable public solutions, both on the African countryside and in urban slum areas.

When supporting specific schools Rising Stars will always require and secure the involvement and commitment from the local communities, not the least from the parents of the children. We believe that enduring impacts require local engagement, local efforts and local leadership. Unless this local contribution is secured Rising Stars will not engage in projects.

Furthermore, Help Rising Star will always make sure that supported projects fulfill basic values such as honesty, respect, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Why Africa?


  • Africa has by far the highest population growth in the world.
  • The population of Africa will double in the next 30 years and quadruple in the next 90 years.
  • The age group eligible for Primary School education is growing exponentially.
  • In many countries the quality of the public school system has not been able to keep pace with the rapid growth in young population.
  • Improved education is fundamental in order to create sustainable societies.


We will make you know

  • Help Rising Stars is an NGO registered as a non-profit association in Spain.
  • The financial accounts of the NGO will be audited by an external auditor and openly published on this web page.
  • On the web page donors will be able to continuously follow the progress all on-going projects managed by the NGO.
  • The NGO is fully based on voluntary work performed by the founders, collaborators and friends. No employments will be considered unless the NGO grows to the extent that such a step will be required.
  • At least 85% of donations will be dedicated to local costs on the field, up to 15% could be needed for administrative expenses of the NGO.

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