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What do you work on?

BecomeYoo is a consulting firm with extensive experience in digital and digitization environments, e-commerce, sites, intranet, integrations, etc. They also have leading platforms in the market in the area of digital promotions, digital events, automated sites, etc. Its bet is on the automation of processes through technology.


Help Rising Stars

BecomeYoo's commitment

YOO and all its workers assume responsibility for the development of digital environments, websites, digital POS for donations, digital presentation environments, social networks, etc.

Yoo is committed to developing all these functions as part of the company’s commitment to this project.

For this purpose, YOO supports the activities of the NGO by providing servers for hosting, hours of technicians and developers for the websites and different functionalities that are used in the NGO.


All YOO workers and collaborators know the project first-hand and are involved in the different activities that YOO undertakes in the development of the NGO.

Workers and partners have among their objectives to collaborate directly with the NGO, taking an active part in this challenge of the company.

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