While evaluating the possibility to build a new school in the Nsambya slum area in Kampala we are implementing small but still important improvements at the school which has already been created by our changemaker.

The Rising Stars Bridge

We provided funds for the construction of a path way, making it possible for the children to reach school also during the rainy season. The bridge helps not only the children of the school but also simplifies mobility for the entire community. Out of excitement the community gave the path a name, “The Rising Star Bridge”!

Text books

We have provided text books to all pupils. The teachers where very excited. 

“We have been limited while making research and also in our lesson development but now we are going to improve and our pupils will understand better” said P.1 teacher Nahabwe Junior.

I have been struggling while explaining, now the books will help me and the rest while teaching, said Tr. William Top class (Director of Studies and Deputy).

Improvements in their diet

Good nutrition is required to enhance the learning capacity of the children. Therefore we have installed a safe water system.

They appreciate every detail that we can achieve.

Egg and Milk time

We have improved the diet served for lunch in school. The pupils now get an egg once a week, they get milk twice a week as well as rice three times a week.

This has been a small step but a very positive surprise for the pupils, their parents  and for teachers.

For example, milk is something which can’t be easily be found in Uganda, especially in slum communities. For children getting milk at school it means not only a change of diet but also a life changing moment that they will never forget.

Every small progress in the diet of the pupils is a big step for their growth.

Toilet emptying

Toilet waste removal was necessary.

One day in the Zoo

Amazing day with 115 children going to the Zoo. 

First time in their lives and also in the lives of some teachers going out to the Zsambia slung area and visiting the Kampala Zoo.

They never had seen one microbus in the slung area. Only this was part of the special day.

Finally we finish with some photos in the Victoria Lake.

Parents meeting and grades review

At the the of the term, teachers and parents had a meeting to understand how is evolving the school and the children.

Every teacher present the global evolution of their classes and later on, parents ask doubts and make proposal to improve.

Then, each y one have meeting with the teacher to review the grades of their son and daughters.

Computers training to the teachers

We spent one day with three computers doing a complete session of training to the teachers team.

We explain about internet, office tools like word, powerpoint and excel.

We were making some exercising and giving them documentation to continue progressing with the use of the tools explained.

Tailoring Workshop

Our NGO has decided to support the creation of a Tailoring workshop close to the Rising Star Nursery and Primary school in the Nsambya area, Kampala. The main objective is job creation for a number of mothers to the children of the school that we are already supporting. We believe in supporting the economic and social development of the very poor neighborhood surrounding the school. The initial scope of the workshop will be to produce school uniforms for the children of the Rising Star School. Those uniforms can be sold at a reduced price in order to support the parents of the school. A second step will be to produce and sell school uniforms to other schools and also to produce and sell other types of clothing.