Pathfinders school

Objective of the project

Helpprisingstars has decided to go ahead with a joint project with another NGO operating in an area close to where we currently have the Risingstars school.

The new project is called Pathfinders and it has the ambition of having 500 students between nursery, primary and surely secondary. The idea of the school is to have a part of the school to be able to host students during the week. As a boarding school during the week, a number of students who come from other more distant areas could be accommodated.


Project Values

The values on which the start-up of this school is based, as well as the possibilities for collaboration and learning have made us decide to embark on this new adventure.

At Risingstars we have the ambition to be able to provide the secondary service to our students who finish primary school and through this agreement we are presented with a scenario in which by resolving the transport on Monday mornings and the return on Friday afternoons we could assure them high school classes.

Similarly, our sewing workshop project aims to supply this school with uniforms.

In any case, in addition to the help and the complementary projects mentioned, we understand that it is a new and interesting project in which to learn to be more competitive, to generate teacher rotations and to develop new models.

School location

Pathfinders School is located in a town called Kiti 17 km north of Kampala (Uganda).