ProFuturo Agreement - Educational Contents

Objective of the project

ProFuturo and Help Rising Stars (HRS) have signed a partner agreement. The purpose is to be able to offer Profuturo’s very powerful and children friendly digital elearning platform in the schools HRS is helping.


Project mission

Profuturo has the following mission:

“We want to narrow the education gap in the world by providing quality digital education. Our goal is to enable millions of children in vulnerable environments to choose the future they deserve. Our challenge for 2025 is to improve the education of 30 million children.”

The elearning platform is actually available for anyone free of charge via the web.

Even though HRS plan to use the platform in a structured and integrated way in the schools together with the teachers. As part of the solution HRS will also provide the needed IT equipment (PCs and tablets) to the teachers and the children.

Learning areas

The elearning platform currently covers the following schools (areas); Mathematics, Digital Competence, Computational Thinking and Artificial Intelligence, Educational Innovation, Citizenship and Multiple Literacies.

For more information about Profuturo, please go to this webpage. Profuturo is backed by the two very well-known and big Spanish organizations Telefonica Foundation and La Caixa Foundation.