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Help Rising Stars is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in Spain aiming to improve access and quality of education in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Anyone who would like to support us in our efforts will be more than welcome! There will be a lot to do both in our Spanish organization and in the projects on the ground, for the time being focused on Uganda. So please let us know if you want to make an impact on education in Sub Saharan Africa!



Rickard Romander

I am a Swede, consultant and trainer living in Spain, and I have been contact with and travelled to Africa for more than 15 years. In 2014, during one of these trips, I got to know Peter in Kampala. His story and school project really impacted me and a collaboration was initiated. Now, 5 years later when founding Help Rising Stars, we are taking this collaboration to a much higher level.
I feel delighted about it, because Africa is really an amazing part of the world with a great potential, but in need of help to build local competence and opportunities, thanks to better schools and education.

Anders Brundin

“After a long international career in different multinational companies I felt a need to do something more meaningful in life, more directly contributing to a more sustainable world. I therefore quit my job to engage in new projects, one being the co-founding of this NGO. To achieve a more sustainable world I believe there are two areas that must be prioritized, one being to take swift actions against climate change and the other to improve health and education in developing countries, not the least in sub Saharan Africa with its exponential population growth.”

Juan Antonio Verde

“Years ago I had the need to do something of this kind, to launch some initiatives that enrich my soul. Wanting to help is something that we all have inside, how to do it and the problems of time that we all have are often the obstacle. I will not say that I have more time, but I decide more and more how to invest it, it is my most precious asset and that is what I offer to this organization. With some dedication of time we can achieve impact the lives of many people and that moves me. Being able to develop projects like the Uganda initiative, makes me part of something that goes beyond the compensation of having participated, also being able to sensitize others so that, with their help capabilities, they can develop initiatives with a social impact.”



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There is a group of people with different abilities interested to help in the project. A lot of them, interested to going there some days and live the experience. Everything we can do is more than appreciate. They need everything. We have collected a lot ideas which a group of volunteers could do. You can find the ideas in our Volunteer Program.

Sunday 17th November 2019

Our volunteers of Yincana Solidaria (Merina's story)