The overall objective is to provide high quality education

The long term vision is to:

Create a school

    • Create a school for needy children in the local community, covering all classes from Nursery Baby class (age 4) up to P7 (age 14).

Provide high quality

    • Provide high quality school attracting students also from higher income areas, thereby creating a more stable financial situation. The objective is to create a school capable of financing all activities through normal school fees, without external support.

Create a school

    • By attracting students from higher income areas, allow children from the poorer families to mix and grow with children from higher income families. The intention is to enhance the confidence of the poorer children, to inspire them and to allow them to build contact networks that can be important for the future.

Provide more practical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset

    • Continue to drive and grow the Teachers In Need and Teachers Connect initiatives, for Uganda as well as for East Africa as a whole.

Know who collaborates with Helprisingstars:

  • To be organizations of reference for the most disadvantaged people and communities of the world, in such a way that they find in our organization a channel to improve their quality of life.