Our Mission


    • Support the improvement of education for needy children in Kampala region in general and the Nsambya neighborhood in particular. 



    • Implement a program for the training of Nursery and Primary teachers in the Kampala region.
    • Build a high quality Nursery and Primary school in the Nsambya neighborhood in Kampala:



Change Maker

    • Peter, our Ugandan changemaker
      Peter was born in 1988 by two unprivileged parents in the Nsambya slums of Kampala, the third child out of seven siblings. Since his parents could not afford nurturing all their children, at the age of five Peter was sent to live with his grandparents in the east of Uganda.

      After finalizing Primary school Peter´s parents decided to invest in Peter sending him to a first class Secondary school while his siblings could only attend the cheapest schools or no school at all. They wanted Peter to learn by mixing with more privileged children, expecting Peter to help his siblings once he had grown up. And according to Peter the intention was fulfilled:

      “When I realized that I was just as competent and able as children from more privileged families I became more confident in myself. That has been very useful to me in life. My confidence helps me to take initiatives to realize my dreams and ambitions.”

      Since Peter could not afford going to the university he embarked on a less expensive two year program finalizing in 2011 with a Diploma in Journalism and Communication. To attend classes he walked ten kilometers every day.

      Peter then had a few jobs but in 2013 he engaged on a journey to improve the life of the least privileged children and families in the Nsambya slum area in Kampala. After organizing two community clean-up actions he got the attention of the then Mayor Ian Clarke, who through a donation of USD 400 supported Peter to start a Nursery school in the slum area in 2014.

      The school has grown and now has six classes, from Baby Nursery class to the third year in Primary school. The school has 180 pupils and has gained a very good reputation in the neighborhood with some families from more well-to-do areas now sending their children to the school, in spite of being located in the middle of the slum. Peter has also organized reading, writing and English courses to mothers of the children, and also courses on how to start and manage a small business.

      In parallel Peter has developed a training program for teachers, running workshops for schools in various parts of Uganda. The program has been recognized and is supported by the Ministry of Education. Peter is convinced that more training of teachers is necessary in Uganda:

      “With the incredibly rapid growth in the number of children in Uganda the country has not been able to keep pace and educate enough teachers with children suffering the consequences. In my program we provide teaching techniques for reading and writing but we also stress the importance of creating socially responsible children, covering issues like respect, gender equality, environment protection and much more. Finally, one of our main objectives is to make teachers feel proud for the work they do, the development of a better society really depends on them.”

      In parallel to all the above, Peter has formed a family together with his wife Patience. They have two daughters, Gloria and Christine, 4 and 2 years old.

Support Program